Ward Alper

Ward Alper is a Type 2 diabetic who is passionate about food. You can visit him on the web at The Decadent Diabetic or on Facebook.

The Decadent Diabetic: Three Great Recipes for Holiday Parties

Many of us with Diabetes may be thinking what fun can it be to celebrate New Year’s Eve when we have to be mindful…

Enjoying Pizza, Pasta and More on a Diabetes Compatible Diet

Ok, you have been diagnosed with Diabetes. You are now ABSOLUTELY certain that every food you ever enjoyed is forbidden to you.

Diabetics: We Are Everywhere – and I mean Everywhere

I shared with him that it will get easier and better. I told him who I was and what I did in the Diabetes community and to give him a glimpse of hope

Being the Sidekick on the Diabetes-Compatible plate

Cooking and eating with Diabetes management in mind is easy….EXCEPT when it is not. Many of us have it handled managing our Diabetes.

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month – Will People Better Understand it?

November is Diabetes awareness month. What does this mean? Will more people, both patient and public have a better understanding of Diabetes?

Note to Self: I will never be Hungry Again!

Enough of this habit of eating that made me sad and left me emotionally hungry! I was going to find a way of eating again that kept me healthy and HAPPY.

The Decadent Diabetic – Life is easier with a Diabetes-Compatible Pantry

One of my regular readers commented to me the other day that she liked looking at my recipes but never had any of the “stuff” in the house to fix the recipe.

Ways to Make Managing Diabetes Easier

Now to be absolutely clear, I am in no way knocking an egg breakfast. It is my all time favorite. What I do is save eggs for my days off. I make them into a great spinach omelet.

Successfully Juggling Diabetes with Other Food Issues

Sometimes Diabetes is not the only food issue when you have Diabetes. Some of us need to or even choose to be gluten free….

Finding the Right Diabetes Care Team

It is clear that Diabetes is not only a serious disease, but also a big business. If you don’t believe me, just watch the evening news.