If someone can predict what your blood sugar levels will be after having a meal, wouldn’t it help you a lot as a type 2 diabetic? Glucoracle is a new app for people with type 2 diabetes that uses a personalized algorithm to predict the impact of particular foods on blood sugar levels.

“Our algorithm, integrated into an easy-to-use app, predicts the consequences of eating a specific meal before the food is eaten, allowing individuals to make better nutritional choices during mealtime,” said lead author David Albers, PhD, of Columbia University Medical Center in a press release to Medpagetoday.com.

ScienceDaily reports:

Columbia University researchers have developed a personalized algorithm that predicts the impact of particular foods on an individual’s blood sugar levels. The algorithm has been integrated into an app, Glucoracle, that will allow individuals with type 2 diabetes to keep a tighter rein on their glucose levels — the key to preventing or controlling the major complications of a disease that affects 8 percent of Americans.

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