Keep yourself in check for self-harm, especially if you have depression linked to diabetes. In a special issue of the journal Current Diabetes Reviews, an article addresses the link between diabetes and depression as a likely cause for the increased self-harm rates seen in those with both types I and type II diabetes.

For people with diabetes, dealing with a lifelong condition and managing the risk of complications can seem like an overwhelming task, particularly for newly diagnosed patients. Many diabetics struggle to cope with the requirements, feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated. If diabetes is not faced with an attitude of perseverance and defiance, often depression will prevail.

Psychcentral reports:

The review is a follow-up to a study the authors published in 2013 in which they found that 9.7 percent of patients with newly diagnosed diabetes (less than 24 months) had a history of suicide attempts. Half of those patients tested positive for depression at the time of the study.

Persons with both types I and type II diabetes have been known to have higher rates of depressive disorders; as a result, suicidal ideation should be assessed in such patients.

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