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‘Stepping Up’ Method of Care Shown to Improve Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

By 2030, almost 600 million people will have type 2 diabetes, therefore, innovation in delivering effective clinical care to patients with type 2 diabetes is an urgent global priority.

Diabetes Could Be the Cause of Nearly 12 Percent of Deaths Says New Study

The study also concluded that the proportion was significantly higher than the 3.3 to 3.7 percent of deaths in which diabetes is identified on death certificates as the underlying cause.

Is Breakfast a ‘Dangerous Meal’? A Conversation with Dr. Terence Kealey

Is breakfast an essential part of your day? Well, if you’re a diabetic, perhaps you might want to reconsider.

Air Pollution May Increase Diabetes Risk says Study

The study in southern California linked exposure to bad air to increased risk of high cholesterol and damage to the body’s ability to process blood sugar.

Largest Multi-Ethnic Study of Type 2 Diabetes Breaks New Ground

New research from a large international team of scientists offers a more complete picture of the genes responsible for type 2 diabetes

Electronic Health Records Can be Key in Catching Cases of Type 2 Diabetes

The researchers used half of the records to refine an algorithm that allowed them to predict the likelihood of an individual having diabetes.

Sex and Diabetes Research – Minding the Gender Variable

When it comes to diseases closely related to the role of hormones, such as diabetes, should these studies continue to be tied to only one sex?

Is Diabetes Risk Reduced by 3-5 Cups of Coffee a Day?

People who drink about three to five cups of coffee a day may be less likely to die prematurely from some illnesses than those who don’t drink or drink less coffee,

Diabetes and Melatonin – New Research Charting the Connection

Diabetes and melatonin. Swedish research shows that the sleep hormone melatonin impairs insulin secretion in people with a common gene variant.

Team in Korea Developing Patch that Analyzes Sweat to Detect Sugar Levels

The Institute for Basic Science in South Korea is developing a dual patch that not only monitors blood glucose levels but also delivers medication to reduce high sugar levels when they occur.