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Moroccan Salmon with Asparagus - Everyday Diabetes Magazine

Moroccan Salmon with Asparagus

Sumptuous Snacks: Cinnamon Maple Grilled Peaches

Who knew grilled peaches can result to a healthy and delicious snack? Try it sprinkled with cinnamon maple flavors and your snack time will never be the same.

Divine Dinners: Cranberry Pork Roast over Noodles

Can you imagine having cranberry flavored pork and noodles at the same time? It will surely send your taste buds to paradise!

Go Mexican for Lunch with a Mexican Quinoa Casserole

Ignore those that will ask you if you had beans for lunch. This casserole is packed with protein – just imagine quinoa and beans together in one dish!

Have a Savory French Toast Casserole for Breakfast

Don’t let the term French toast fool you. This is not a sweet dish and is instead packed with healthy goodies like goat’s cheese and mushroom.

Sumptuous Snacks: Dairy-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Nothing screams sumptuous than chocolate ice cream. But this one’s dairy-free! And it unbelievably has bananas, avocado, and coconut milk!

Meet Pasta Fagioli: Your Soup-y Dinner

If you’re tired of your usual Italian pasta, try this Fagioli with soup. It goes well as a side dish too for those extravagant dinner parties.

Lavish Lunches: New Fashioned Egg Salad

If you’re tired of the usual egg salad for lunch, try this one. The addition of mustard gives you that tangy taste.

Whole Wheat Breakfast Pizzas Will Make Your Mornings Exciting!

And why won’t it be exciting? You’re having a special whole wheat breakfast pizza for crying out loud!

Sumptuous Snack: Chai Tea Jelly

A snack doesn’t mean munching on something, it can also mean sipping a cool drink like this chai tea jelly.