Pole dancing was brought back as a fitness routine – but lo and behold, for those water babies out there who prefer to be submerged, AquaPole gives you so much more.

Pole dancing whilst submerged in water began in Italy, where AquaPole trainers from South Australia traveled to learn the tricks of the trade and bring it  back to Australia.

Dailymail.co.uk reports:

AquaPole is a fun new fitness craze that sees people using a pole as a fitness tool in the water to strengthen their core and muscles. The pole is 2.2 metres in height and is hooked into a base which is suctioned to the pool floor with suction cups. It provides stability in the water to hold on to and use as a fitness tool.

‘Adding that extra dimension to exercise brings new life for the younger generation because up until a few ago, water exercises such as water aerobics were considered, you know, grannies’ activities,’ Jodie explained to DailyMail.

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