If you’re a fish lover and diabetic, then you probably should not stop eating fish. A recent study shows that omega-3 therapy may help treat diabetes.

Chinese researchers said Tuesday they have developed a gene therapeutic approach that may allow the body to produce enough omega-3 fatty acids to reverse the onset of type 1 diabetes. The work, led by Professor Allan Zhao of the Guangdong University of Technology and published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, may offer the hope of curing this autoimmune condition that affects millions of children and young adults worldwide.

Medicalnewstoday reports:

“Our observations may also offer clinical guidance, in that those patients who are either at the early-onset stage of [type 1 diabetes] or have consistently had good management of their blood glucose levels may benefit the most from these interventions. These treatment modalities, if cleared in safety evaluations, may potentially be helpful in the treatment of other types of autoimmune diseases as well,” Zhao tells Medicalnewstoday.

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