My wife’s understanding and patience with me (and my diabetes) seems to know no bounds, and I’m so grateful for it.

It hit me about halfway through my shopping list at Walmart; that feeling of my blood sugar dropping fast and the anxiety of lots of insulin on board (relatively). A quick glance at my wrist confirmed it.

Five glucose tabs left in my tube, which I ate quickly, but I knew wouldn’t be enough to do the job. Why only five left? Because I’d used the other five earlier in the day. More on that another time.

I quickly finished shopping, keeping a close eye on things. I grabbed a sweet treat at the cash register, ate it, then headed out to the car in a buzz of relief and concern about what happened.

Why was I concerned?

Because I had seven items on my shopping list, but my cart was overflowing with groceries.

This was supposed to be a quick “we’re out of these few things…” trip and ended up much different.

That’s okay, babe.

Le sigh… ????

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