Natalie Marie Applegate

Natalie is a passionate writer devoted to her work, and has spent her last six years in Okinawa studying and making a family as a military wife.

10 Celebrity Trainers that you Should Be Following on Instagram

These top celebrity fitness gurus share what to do and how to do it on Instagram, all you have to do is look them up.

Everyday Diabetes: Barbara Applegate – Mother, Grandmother, Type 2 Diabetic

A 46-year-old mother of two and grandmother of three, Barbara was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes only a year ago, but had symptoms long before that.

Interview: Margaret Jaques, Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Type 2 Diabetic

A native of Atlantic County, New Jersey and now an 18-year resident of Savannah, Georgia, Margaret Jaques was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in…

Diagnosed with Diabetes at 10 Years Old – An Interview with Shane Abeyta

Shane Abeyta, a 24-year-old in Westmoreland, Kansas, talks about his struggle being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10.

An Interview with Max Szadek – Founder of Divabetic

Diabetes took the life of Luther Vandross right before Max Szadek’s eyes. In honor of the late singer and of his own family with diabetes, Max started Divabetics.

Diabetes and Your Job – Managing Work and Managing Diabetes

With Diabetes Your coworkers may empathize, but sometimes you might feel like a burden to them or your boss. Well you shouldn’t

Tom Hanks on Diabetes: I was a ‘Total Idiot’ and part of ‘Lazy American Generation’

Tom Hanks: I was a total idiot. I’m part of the lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party and now finds ourselves with a malady. I was heavy. You’ve seen me in movies, you know what I looked like.

Cindy Lou — Mother, Grandmother, Type 2 Diabetic

With no other family history of diabetes, she knew she had to take the struggle into her own hands and get healthy not only for herself but for her family.

Explaining Diabetes to Your Diagnosed Child

It’s very easy to get swept up in these emotions, but stay calm for your child and they will stay calm about the situation as well. Be their rock!

Dallas Miller – Veteran, Grandfather, Type 2 Diabetic

When his doctor told Dallas Miller he had diabetes, it took time before he accepted the diagnosis. But once he did, he put himself through an amazing life transformation.