Eye care product and service provider VSP is partnering up with the University of Southern California for a four-month pilot study on VSP’s fitness tracking glasses called Level.

Called “Project Genesis”, the study will have users test a prototype wearable and smartphone app that monitors their activity.

VSP has previously worked with Google offering subsidized frames with prescription lenses for Google Glass.

Founded in 1955 by a group of optometrists in offer products and services to eye care professionals, employers, and more than 80 million members worldwide.

The high tech glasses, when viewed from the front, like ordinary glasses. Hidden in the left arm is an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer to track step count, calories, distance travelled and activity.

There is also a battery and Bluetooth that allows you to pair with an included smartphone app, and it offers a location feature called ‘Find My Glasses’.

“The new Level frames forced us to reimagine the entire design and manufacturing process for eyewear,” said Leslie Muller, co-lead of VSP Global’s innovation lab, The Shop.

“Designers collaborated with firmware and biomedical engineers, who collaborated with traditional eyewear craftspeople to produce so