A methamphetamine trafficker in Australia who claims his diabetes worsened because of prison food and his condition not being properly managed behind bars, has won a $100,000  payout from taxpayers.

The out-of-court settlement for drug trafficker Bruno Tassone, who is serving a 6-year term, will see more than $40,000 of the payment go to his lawyers.

The head of Victims of Crime organization Michael O’Connell said many people would be angered with such a payout –but the payment will be made available to Tassone’s victims if they choose to claim it

ABC Australia reports:

While more than $40,000 of the payment will go to the man’s lawyers, Mr O’Connell said the rest of the money would be quarantined for a year to give victims of crime an opportunity to claim it.

“What’s important is that this prisoner, like any other prisoner, cannot profiteer,” he said.

“[For] the money that he or she does claim, the victim has a right of claim if they can prove their case.

“That’s what is important, so that victims can get access to this money.”