Cynthia Reid

Along with being a full-time banker, Cynthia is also a world-class vertical racer and the co-founder of her own fitness center in Hong Kong. Visit her on the web at:

Getting and Staying in Shape – Simple Rules to Live by

Whatever your targets are, sticking to these simple rules will help you achieve your smart fitness goals. Go for it!

Healthy Obsession – Be Obsessed with all Green Things

Personally I prefer smoothies as it is more satisfying, juicing removes the fiber of the fruit and veg so it passes more like water.

5 ‘Incidental Exercises’ – Small Effective Ways to Add Fitness to Your Day

Rather than staring at yourself mindlessly in the mirror whilst brushing your teeth, start doing 10 rear or side leg raises whilst bracing your core.

Burn More Calories by Building Even a Little More Muscle

Fun fact: 1kg of muscle can burn 75-125 kcalories more per day than having 1kg of weight in your body classified as fat.

Break Through the Fitness Plateau by Mixing Things Up

A new diet and exercise plan can shock the body into delivering results, fast and effectively. That is, however, until the body adapts to the new routine.

Getting in Shape: Avoiding 5 Common Weight Loss Mistake

Fitness Mistakes. To help get you over the hump, I’ve put together the 5 most common mistakes people make when it comes to losing weight. If any of them sound familiar, now you have no excuse.