What if you could feel completely confident that the product you’re using is ethically made while at the same time feel satisfied with its performance?

That’s what Daniel Puddick has set out to do with the founding of Sundried activewear.

Puddick, a personal trainer, triathlete and father, was determined to build a company that not only produced quality activewear, but one that his children could one day view with pride.

“I think there aren’t many brands who can say they’re proud of how their products have come to market.”

Every piece of Sundried activewear comes with a special tracking code on the label that allows consumers to explore the whole journey of the garment through the production process –ensuring that the highest ethical and environmental standards are adhered to along the way.

Not only is Sundried an ethically and environmentally conscious brand, its collection of activewear was conceived by some of the world’s best designers, from brands like LuluLemon Athletica and Sweaty Betty.

Everyday Diabetes Magazine recently spoke with Daniel Puddick about this unique concept in socially conscious, high quality clothing.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how Sundried got started?

After successfully selling my first business The Sunglasses Shop when it was the biggest online sunglasses retailer in Europe, I knew my next venture would have to be something good.It had to be something I was (and am) personally into and it has to have strong ethical values.

Being a parent makes you think about the bigger picture for the world, so business for me now is more than just creating a financially successful brand. I gathered the best in the business and told them I wanted premium ethical activewear that was stylish and functional, flash forward to now and we have just successfully overfunded for our second and third collections on Crowdcube, which will launch next year.

The driving force behind Sundried is ethical activewear. Can you talk about what that means?

How can we call ourselves ethical activewear, without taking care of our staff throughout the supply chain? For us being ethical means being as good to the environment as possible, whilst protecting our staff. We regularly visit our factory in Portugal and make a donation to Water for Kids with every Sundried purchase. To me, it’s very much about sharing my success with those less fortunate and helping to keep the planet around for my kids and grandkids!

How are the ethical standards benchmarked and monitored for compliance?

We partnered with the Low Carbon Innovation Fund who have strict polices on how our clothing is produced, which we adhere to. We then also have our Product Development and Sourcing Expert who regularly visits our factories to ensure everything is running as it should be.

The company description talks about having a “heritage in triathlon and outdoor pursuits.” Tell us about that and what sort of customer Sundried is aimed towards.

Sundried is aimed at those of us who grab the chance to be active wherever we find it. Whether it’s competing in a triathlon, to cycling back from the office. Our first collection was designed to be transitional, so you can work and play in it. I’m excited for our further collections as we are now going to explore competitive Tri gear. Sundried is for those who want to look and feel great whilst exercising, knowing they are also doing something good for the environment and those who are less fortunate.

What is it about Sundried that makes it a better choice than other brands of activewear?

I think there aren’t many brands who can say they’re proud of how their products have come to market, we use the finest fabrics with the latest technologies and create our products in a way you can be proud of.

What are you most excited about looking to the future of your new venture?

It’s all very exciting, but I can’t wait for my children to grow up and be proud of the brand Sundried becomes.