Tired of trying to figure out how to count calories easily? Popular health app, Lose It! is working out new technologies that will make easy it as possible by allowing you to track the calories and nutritional information in what you’re eating simply with a photo.

The new technology, which is now available on the app, is still in its early stages, but little by little, calorie logging is getting easier and easier.

According to a report in MIT Technology Review, the app has artificial intelligence that guesses what the food is in your photo. If it’s right, you just let it know details like portion size and it will spit out a calorie count.

“Cornell, SRI International, and Google have already built similar food-recognition technology for research purposes. Lose It CEO Charles Teague says his team took a similar approach, but will augment what the camera sees with intelligence gained from its users. The app already uses details such as GPS and the popularity of varieties of different foods to make better guesses,” said MIT.

Like we said, the technology still has a way to go. As this user can attest:

That’s pretty funny and perhaps disappointing, but this is exciting stuff to look forward too!