Say goodbye to gigantic watches that will never fit your day to day outfits or running shoes that you only wear when you’re working out. There is a new fitness tracker in town and it comes in the form of a ring!The Motiv ring is a heart rate sensor, fitness tracker, and sleep tracker, and it’s about the size of a wedding band. And you can wear this 24/7, unless when you need to charge it for 90 minutes (battery claims to last for 5 days though).

BussinessInsider reports:

The ring is designed to be worn on your hand 24 hours a day, and its charge lasts for up to five days. When it does need to be charged, it just sits on a small charger you can attach to your keychain.

Motiv has been working on the ring for the past five years to make it as small and slim as possible while still counting your steps, tracking your runs, and helping you get a sound sleep.

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