There are a ton of fitness and health apps out there to choose from. For most people, finding the right app that works best for them is a matter of trial and error.

Here are some apps get you started on your journey to better fitness and health. Whether you’re a workout nut, or just getting started, technology has made great things possible in keeping up with how we keep ourselves fit.

Calorie Counter

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds then you need to start counting your calories. Calorie Counter (yes, there is the name of course) by MyFitnessPal, allows users to either manually enter their meals or scan food barcodes to get the most accurate count on what what they are eating or drinking. It has one of the widest selection of foods already entered by users around the world.


DailyBurn gets you started by giving you take a quick quiz to determine your best exercise program and diet. There is a cheap monthly fee, but people love it due to DailyBurn’s diverse workout plans. With a holistic approach to fitness and overall health DailyBurn offers a wide assortment of nutrition guides and recipes included with the premium service. There are one-on-one training programs available if you’re willing to shell out the extra bucks.

Nike+ Training Club

When it comes to fitness wear, you can’t go wrong with the brand. Likewise, the Nike+ Training app has tons of workout videos for various exercises, ability levels, and goals. It also features a hand instruction feature that takes you through a new move to get you ready for trying it yourself. There is a feature which throws the spirit of competition in to the mix as you can try accumulate points for your workouts that add up to unlocking “premium” level routines. Get ready to sweat it out! (Free)


A great app for competitive types, Strava allow you can compete with a wide network of other users, as well as athletes, the world over. Athletes ranging from runners, bicyclists, and other outdoor types all out there tracking their activities and their routs. It’s a freemium app with in app upgrades and is a great one to download and try for free to see if your ready to take it to the next lever.

7 Minute Workout

You’re probably saying to yourself: “Seven minutes? Yah right. What’s the point?” Well, in the time you’ve read this article you could have already had a nice 7 minute workout. Now would you feel better about your self if you did that?  A great on-the-go companion for those who are busy but still long to break a quick sweat, the 7 Minute Workout app could be the gateway workout you need to get addicted to longer sessions. (Free)

Up Coffee 

For those who love caffeine, which I think is just about all of us, this app is great for monitoring wow is caffeine affecting your sleep, influencing your feelings of fatigue, and how that can effect your workout routine. Made by Jawbone (famous for their speakers) is an iPhone-only app where you manually log your caffeine intake. Up Coffee then assesses how to  regulate your intake to the optimal effect.


A simple mapping app that uses GPS to keep track on where your workout takes you, RunKeeper also allows you to plot your run, include interval breakdowns, and even bothers you with a reminder to maintain your motivation during workout, for example telling you if this was your best performance this month, or reminding you that the last time you ran a certain distance.