We ask Everyday Diabetics three questions and they record themselves answering from the heart. Real people, real answers, unfiltered and uncut for the real world.

This week we put three questions to Rick Storm. A 52-year old native of Sacramento, California, now living in Beaverton, Oregon, Rick’s 9-5 is for a fire protection company where he oversees the day to day business.

Rick is also active in the world of mixed martial arts on the The Underground at MixedMartialArts.com, where he works as an admin for a public forum as well as dealing with fighter stats and promoters. The Mixed Martial Arts organization is the official record keepers for mixed martial arts worldwide.

Three Questions:

1. What was your reaction when you were first diagnosed?
2. Tell us about your experience with diabetes and how it has affected your life?
3. What advice would you give to someone who has recently been diagnosed?