How do the celebrities do it? They have a constant and demanding job, yet still manage to rock that sharp tuxedo or tight dress on the runway.

One of their secrets, that’s not so secret, is they have awesome trainers.

Can’t afford one for yourself? Then follow one on Instagram!

These top celebrity fitness gurus share what to do and how to do it on Instagram, all you have to do is look them up. We’ve put together some of the most popular for you.

Follow these top ten fitness trainers and feel the same burn that your favorite celebrities use to get them ‘red carpet ready.’

Mary Helen Bowers


Give ballet a shot. Natalie Portman got her sleek and slim body in the movie “Black Swan” by the training with Bowers, a professional ballet dancer from New York. If you’re tired of the normal treadmills and stairclimbers, ballet will work muscles you never knew you even had. Bowers now works with celebrities such as Lily Aldridge and Zooey Deschanel, and runs a full time ballet fitness program called Ballet Beautiful.

Anna Kaiser



If you want a burning cardio workout that doesn’t include running, get on Kaiser’s feed now. This legend has created workouts that completely focus on lively dancing that even includes yoga. She has a brand of her own and owns a studio called AKT in Motion. This is not your typical ‘zumba party.’ Kaiser has trained Shakira, Kelly Ripa, and Sofia Vergara.

David Kirsch



If you want a brand spankin’ new butt that’s not artificial, this is your go-to guy. His alias as “the butt guy” has earned him a reputation with many stars that simply have an excellent backside. Kirsch trains many celebrities looking for a ‘lift’ such as Liv Tyler and Kate Upton. His instagram features meal plans, fitspiration quotes, and hot workouts.

Justin Gelband



This man has made it big working with some of the top fashion models in the industry, including some of the hottest Victoria’s Secret Angels. He trains them with high intensity workouts that are far from boring –including jumping on trampolines. Gelband also incorporates resistant band workouts and light weights to sculpt toned muscles. He co-founded the program ModelFIT and works with big names like Candice Swanepoel and Karlie Kloss to get them runway-ready.

Ashley Borden


Her name is one of the most popular amongst the biggest stars, including Ryan Reynold’s, who before lighting up the screen in Deadpool ruled as “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2010. She also works with many other big names such as Reese Witherspoon and Christina Aguilera. You could say that she is simply a fitness guru and one of the highest rated celebrity fitness trainers. You can check out her specialized techniques and follow her for great inspiration to become fit and look cute while doing it.

Mark Langowski


This self-made trainer made his mark with the Body by Mark program. A lot of his training is for clients who have a very tight schedule and routine, and can only go to the gym for short increments of time. Since his workouts are made for the super busy, they are always very high intensity –pushing you to the max. He works with the popular Ginger Zee (weather anchor for Good Morning America). If you want to fit in that tiny tight dress but your work is extremely demanding, check out some of his signature plans.

Holly Perkins


This tough trainer who still maintains a delicate look is calling your name if you want to lift heavy weights and strength-train. She inspires both men and women to sculpt their bodies and compete in bodybuilding challenges. She will keep you motivated to get your butt to the gym and become the hottest, strongest, and most confident you.

Gunnar Peterson


Another man for keeping some famous butts their most firm and round, Peterson has trained the Kardashian women, Ciara, and Jennifer Lopez. All these women have one thing in common —amazing curves in all the right places and a strong core. He has over 20 years of fitness expertise under his belt, and is always coming up with the most interesting ways to keep in shape!

Astrid Swan 



If you want to look like a model, why not follow a former model who is now a famous fitness instructor? McGuire created a fitness camp that people religiously attend called Barry’s Bootcamp, and has worked with Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough. Her Instagram is filled with everything you need –healthy meal ideas, fitness plans, workout videos, and some amazing fitspiration quotes.

Danny Musico


Remember when Justin Bieber went from skinny 16-year-old to a buff and a sculpted young man? Yeah, you can thank Danny for that. This man is a two-time world boxing champion and his fitness is based around just that. His intense workouts circle around letting your anger out and learning how to punch and kick your way to a toned bod. Not only has he given more people the ‘Bieber Fever’- he has also worked with Hilary Swank and Jessica Simpson. Discover your ‘inner beast’ by simply looking at his personal pics.