The only product that solved the itch is ifor. If my arm or leg is itchy, I would scratch it a lot, but this is the y-zone, so I couldn’t scratch it severely and 홀덤사이트 I couldn’t scratch it. So I’ve never slept properly. And since I smelled the y-zone, I had a lot of stress in my life. I was worried about the smell, so I couldn’t wear a skirt, and I couldn’t be comfortable at work, and I was always in a cringing position. These symptoms are said to be women’s cold symptoms and women’s cleansers should be used, so I used them after receiving recommendations from women’s cleansers. The first product I was recommended was a foam cleanser that washes the outside. I couldn’t wash the inside clean, but I just wiped the outside with foam, but when I turned around, it was itchy, smelly, and the effect was temporary, so I was 홀덤사이트 upset. While I was upset, my co-worker recommended me to cleanse for women, saying it was an additional product. The product that my co-worker recommended was called If Or.