Of the 82 domestic adult product sites, 30 have not implemented the “Youth Protection System”!- As of December last year, a total of 277 domestic adult product (sexual equipment) sales sites were sold. It was found that 36.5% of domestic adult product sites that sell RealDoll last year failed to implement the “Youth Protection System” as soon as the system was improved, including a pan-government survey and regulations on RealDoll experience rooms. Amid growing social controversy over real-dolls, including the operation of real-doll experience rooms next to schools, it is pointed out that pan-governmental management is urgently needed to protect teenagers more safely from real-dolls. According to data submitted by Rep. Lee Yong-ho (National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee, Namwon, Imsil, and Sunchang, Jeonbuk) from the Ministry of 중고화물차 Gender Equality and Family and the Korea Customs Service, a total of 227 sites sold adult products last year. In particular, there were 30 adult product sites that sold RealDoll but did not implement the “Youth Protection System,”