An automatic ultrasonic cleaner 자동 초음파 세척기, also known simply as an ultrasonic cleaner, is a specialized cleaning device that utilizes the power of ultrasonic sound waves to thoroughly clean various objects.

An automatic ultrasonic cleaner is a versatile cleaning apparatus that uses high-frequency sound waves to clean a wide range of objects efficiently and effectively.

It consists of a tank filled with a cleaning solution and an ultrasonic transducer that generates sound waves beyond the range of human hearing (typically above 20 kHz).


When the cleaner is turned on, these sound waves create millions of tiny bubbles through a process called cavitation.


The cavitation bubbles continuously form and implode rapidly near the surface of the objects immersed in the cleaning solution.


This implosion produces intense scrubbing action, dislodging dirt, grease, oil, and other contaminants from the surfaces of the objects.


The cleaning process reaches even the most intricate and hard-to-reach areas, leaving the objects thoroughly cleaned.


Automatic ultrasonic cleaners find applications in various industries, including jewelry, electronics, healthcare, automotive, and manufacturing.


They are used for cleaning items such as jewelry, watches, dental and surgical instruments, circuit boards, automotive parts, and much more.


The advantages of using automatic ultrasonic cleaners include their ability to clean with 초음파 세척 원리  high precision, reduce the need for manual labor, and provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning process that doesn’t damage delicate items.


They are a valuable tool for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in professional and industrial settings, ensuring that objects are cleaned to a high standard.