I moved to an office job and spent a long time sitting in a chair, I felt stuffy and itchy at the bottom At first, I thought it was okay, but suddenly, I remembered that I had vaginitis in my early 20s, and I was scared. I think my life pattern collapsed because of the company dinner and a lot of workSince then, I’ve been managing it with women’s cleanser, and I’ve been delaying the repurchase with an excuse that I’m busy since I failed.. It’s my fault for neglecting my care.. I felt sorry for myself and decided to buy a good product again So, after looking at the reconciliation app and comparing it carefully, I used 여성의류쇼핑몰 the newly purchased femresh for about 3 months steadily! It’s an it-item that I can recommend for women’s hygiene products, so I brought it to share with you today♪ First of all