If there is an objection to the bill, the president may attach an objection and return it to the National Assembly within the period referred to in paragraph 성인용품 and request its reconsideration. The same is true during the closing session of the National Assembly. No person shall be arrested or arrested unless he/she is notified that he/she has the right to arrest or arrest and to seek assistance from his/her lawyer. The reason, date, and place of arrest shall be notified without delay to those prescribed by law, such as the family of a person who has been arrested or arrested. Acceptance, use, or restriction of property rights due to public needs and compensation therefor shall be made by law, but legitimate compensation shall be paid. No one shall be treated unfavorably due to the fulfillment of his/her military service obligations. If approval under paragraph (3) is not obtained, the disposition or order shall cease to be effective from then on. In this case, the law amended or abolished by the order shall naturally recover its effect from the time when the order does not obtain approval.