The State shall formulate and implement necessary plans, such as comprehensive development of agricultural and fishing villages and support thereof, in order to protect and foster agriculture and fisheries. Except as otherwise provided for by law, expenses for elections shall not be borne by political parties or candidates.The State Council member shall assist the 바카라사이트추천 President in the affairs of state and deliberate on the affairs of state as a member of the State Council. The National Assembly shall vote with the attendance of a majority of the incumbent members and the approval of a majority of the members present, unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution or Act. If it is a tie, it shall be deemed to have been rejected.
Persons with physical disabilities and citizens who are unable to live due to diseases, old age, etc. are protected by the State as prescribed by law. The President shall be the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and the Prime Minister shall be the Vice-President.